Zico’s Restaurant

Zico’s South American style rotisserie owes its origins to the fireside roasts of the gaúchos of southern Brazil, but with the added extravagance of a full service restaurant.

The ’all-you can-eat’ treat begins with an impressive salad bar offering a fine choice of crisp, fresh vegetables, delicious homemade dressings and healthy prepared salads. But save room for the main event, a fabulous meat fest you will not find anywhere else on this tropical Thai island.

First, you choose from 9 tempting side dishes, then Brazilian style ’Passadors’ visit your table with a skewer, each offering different kinds of meat and seafood. You can choose to indulge in succulent beef, pork, chicken, duck, fish, prawns and fruits, all without limit.

Each diner is also given a double-sided disc that is red on one side, green on the other. If you leave the green side showing the food just keeps coming. When you're full or need a break, just flip to the red side….you can always switch back later.

The barbecue choices are prepared daily fresh at Zico’s, allowing the chef to offer a range of delicious variations that includes beef tenderloin, lamb leg, chorizo sausage, salmon and Black tiger prawns. A visit to the state-of-the-art wine cellar guarantees the perfect accompaniment and for those with the stamina for dessert.

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