Reviews of Zico’s

"My husband and I stumbled on Zico’s while we were wandering along the main street in Chaweng. We liked the look of the decor and the bright, modern designs matched the lively atmosphere. The food was great too, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten so much and paid so little. It was great value but without losing out on quality. We went back twice during our stay and I would recommend it to everyone that visits Koh Samui."
Diane Weldon from the UK

"Viva Brazil! Who would have thought you could see gorgeous Brazilian dancers in Thailand. Zico’s certainly made a refreshing change from our normal holiday dinners. We had a great time and really enjoyed the barbecue, especially the juicy steak. I have to admit I waited for that to come round a few times. Good music too. And those dancers... fabulous!"
Jim Harper from the USA

"It’s quite hard to find somewhere the kids like to eat on holiday but Zico’s did the trick for our two little terrors. They loved the salad bar, which was great because it’s healthy, and we all enjoyed the fabulous barbecued meat that was served at the table. The juggling barman had the children transfixed and the dancers were very sweet and let the kids join in. It’s a fun family evening out with great food."
Nicky O'Brien from Ireland

"This is not the sort of place I normally eat on my holiday, I prefer small beachside places, but I must say that Zico’s is a very fine restaurant and perfect for groups of friends. We went there with some people that we met in our hotel and in the beginning I thought it was too big and noisy. When I saw the food I changed my mind. Then when I saw the dancers I forgot all my worries. A wonderful holiday experience."
Gunter Muller from Germany

"I’m from Queensland so I love meat, but not just any meat. At Zico’s the food was easily as good as you get back home and the price was even better. Me and a few mates stayed for about three hours watching the girls and filling our faces with great food. Then we went up to the bar and finished the evening in style on some Brazilian cocktails. A great place to eat and party."
Todd Osborne from Australia